Frequently Asked Questions

We hope you were able to join our 2022 Virtual Registration Meeting! We had some great questions, and we thought it would be helpful for us to summarize for the whole group in case anyone needed to jump off earlier or were unable to join us. 

How can I get more involved in the program? Are there volunteer opportunities?

Our CJC board has a lot of fun together coordinating not only the preseason and regular season for the athletes but also fun and special events throughout!  We meet once a month, usually during a practice or even on zoom if needed.  When we all work together, no one job is overwhelming, in fact if you ask any of us, we will tell you the friends we've made along the way, just like our kids have done on their teams.  We welcome rising 6th, 7th and 8th grade parents to apply to join the board!!  Besides board positions, we need team parents (one for each grade, 3 total), and other special event volunteers such as powderpuff coaches and referees!

Will we have the same uniforms as last year?

Yes, we will have the same as last year.  This will be the second year of a 3 year uniform cycle.  As long as it fits and is in good condition, it can be used again!

Will we put the financials (estimates) for cost per athlete somewhere on our website? 

Yes!  We will update this information later in the week, so please check back soon!

What kind of shoes are required? We may need to buy some sooner, is it possible to get the exact shoe?

We will put the shoe model/style on the website, so that if you need to purchase ahead of tryouts, you can.  Otherwise, you can also order the shoes through the program (at the kickoff meeting on April 25th).

Are these tryouts or evaluations? Will there be cuts? 

These are tryouts and yes sometimes there are cuts.  We do our best to keep everyone, but that depends on the number of registrants and the scores.  We rely on our (independent) judges to provide the scoring that illustrates the "natural break" for cuts if there is one.

Are there any tumbling requirements?

 Not necessarily!  We typically have all levels of tumbling on a team.  What an athlete may need development on in one area, they may make up for in another!  The competition team is typically a higher skill level, but it will depend on interest.

What is the tryout uniform? Is it a white shirt or white tank?

The tryout uniform consists of a white short sleeved tee shirt (not a tank), navy gym/running shorts (not nike pros or tight shorts), white no-show socks, white sneakers or cheer shoes, and hair in a high ponytail with a white bow.  We will post a picture as an example.  Check back in on the website for this!

When will videos of the tryout cheers and dance routine be sent out? 

 These will be created for us by Twisters and we will send these out a week before tryouts.

Will there be a routine sent out for Competition Team tryouts?

There is typically not a separate routine for this tryout.  Usually the judges/coaches would do some extra stunting with the athletes to do any necessary evaluating and determination of stunt groups.

Can you explain why the participation fee is $350?

The previous year's cost for this was $300.  With gym and facilities fees going up along with everything else, we needed to raise the amount $50 per athlete to cover increasing costs for facilities and across the board. 

If my child has all star practice or some other reason they are unable to make any of the tryout dates (either the clinic or the actual tryout), is it possible to reschedule? 

We will handle these on a case by case basis, so just reach out to the board to coordinate.

Is there any payment plan offered or is everything due at once? 

We have done payments in the past, reach out to the board and we will coordinate these with you!

When will we know tryout results?

Teams will be announced on Monday April 18th, and all athletes and parents will be invited to attend the kickoff on April 25th where we will take payments, Twisters registration forms, summer vacation forms, and allow the athletes to try on sample uniform sizes if needed.

The summer sideline practices (at Twisters) start at 3:30 this year. That is different from last year at 4:30. What time will practices begin once school starts?

Practices will begin at 4:30pm starting in the month of August.

If you have any other questions please contact :