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Code of Conduct and Expectations:


Maintain a positive attitude and be a team player, respect team members and coaches.

Be committed. If you are unable to attend a practice due to illness or emergency, you must notify the team through the grade level GroupMe. This should be done prior to practice time. Word of mouth through another cheerleader is not acceptable. All illnesses reported after practice begins will be unexcused.


Competition cheerleaders have a HIGHER level of commitment and are expected to fulfill her/his obligation to the competition team or she/he will not be permitted to remain on sideline team. Please ensure you understand expectations before tryouts.


Always be on time and ready to begin, dressed in the appropriate practice wear or uniform.

You are representing the Cambridge Jr Cheer Program. It is imperative that positive behavior be on display at all times including how you present yourself on social media. Maintain high standards for yourself. 


Each cheerleader must agree to follow all safety rules for stunting and tumbling.



Practices, camps, and games are mandatory. The whole squad suffers when someone is absent. No other practices or activities may conflict with cheerleading practice. Summer Choreography is mandatory.  Missing more than 3 Summer practices/choreography will result in the athlete not being a part of the half time routine.


 All regular season games and playoff games are MANDATORY. If a game is missed due to an unexcused absence the athlete will have to sit the next game. If more than one game is missed due to an unexcused absence the athlete could be dismissed from the team. All unexcused absences will be noted for the following seasons’s try outs. If an athlete is absent one week prior to a performance or competition, they may be placed as an alternate for that performance.  If it occurs more than once in the season, they may be permanently placed as an alternate.  


For an absence to be excused, an email must be sent to at least one week prior to the absence.  For illness, injury or emergency, you must post in the GroupMe for your team.


Athletes who quit the team will not be permitted to try out the following season.


You are required to dress appropriately for practice. Practice Wear will consist of the designated practice shirts, shorts, cheer shoes, and hair bow. Hair should be pulled back into a ponytail with a bow for all practices.


You must be dressed in required uniform to participate and cheer at games and competitions. The uniform will consist of shell, skirt, bloomers, sports bra, hair bow, socks, and required cheer shoes. For cooler temperature games we may need to change the uniform. This decision will be communicated via coaches. The athletes do not determine what uniform pieces are to be worn at each game. 


For safety reasons, no jewelry may be worn at any time for practices or games. This includes stud earrings, earrings at the tops of the ear, or belly button rings. Only neutral nail polish and fingertip nails are permitted during the season. 


Evaluations of cheers will begin the first week of school.  Athletes will be expected to know the cheers that have been taught to the teams, smile, look sharp with movements, show enthusiasm and spirit for all cheers.



For minor infractions of the rules below, athletes will run laps at a game or practice:

Being late to game or practice

Not arriving Game Day Ready

Improper uniform for game or practice

Wearing jewelry or having nails longer than fingertip.

Talking or playing around during game or practice after a warning has been issued.

Using a cell phone during practice or game

Chewing gum or eating at a non-designated time.

Lack of knowledge of cheers.

Having a less than positive attitude.

Lack of spirit or enthusiasm at a game or practice.

Showing disrespect and/or arguing with coaches and/or teammates during practice or games.

Using improper language during practice or a game.



For major infractions: repeated minor infractions, repeated mistreatment of a teammate or a coach, bullying, etc.,  parents will be notified via email and dealt with on a case by case basis. 


I hereby pledge to be a positive cheerleader and a good role model for the Cambridge Jr Cheer Program. I understand all the expectations and requirements, and I am committed to making the program a positive experience for my teammates and myself. I have read and understand the Code of Conduct and Expectations listed above.

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