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What It Means to be CJC Cheerleader

Being a Cambridge Junior Cheerleader is a commitment, a responsibility,
and a lot of fun!  We have a creed we all abide by and a handbook of
expectations for behavior.



Simply put, our Creed is about respect for all cheerleaders, coaches, parents, and guardians by following the principles of R.E.S.P.E.C.T at all times. 



Be responsible for yourself and represent yourself with decorum.

You are a representative of the Cambridge Junior Cheer Program. Your behavior reflects on this team, the school, yourself, and your family.  It is imperative that responsible, respectful, and positive behavior be on display at all times.  This includes how you present yourself and behave at all practices, games, at school, and on social media.  

Responsibility is shown by demonstrating self-discipline and self-control, being prepared, dependable, accountable, and punctual.   Responsibility includes showing respect for rules and authority, prioritizing the CJC team and season, and abiding by the CJC Handbook.


All in All the Time!  #AIATT

Maintain a positive attitude and be a team player at all times.  Demonstrate enthusiasm by smiling, making eye contact, looking sharp with movements, and looking uniform as a team.  Showing mastery and spirit for all cheers is key part of enthusiasm.  All cheerleaders are expected to know each of the cheers that have been taught for this season.  A YouTube channel of all of the cheers can be viewed at:

Evaluations of cheers will begin the first week of school and continue each Wednesday practice.  To show enthusiasm and build camaraderie, athletes wear their game day shirt on Friday to school during the season.


We build each other up.


Cambridge Junior Cheer strives to create an environment for participants to foster positive relationships with other cheerleaders, coaches, and adult volunteers.  We want to have fun and create lasting memories.  Be courteous and polite to each other.   Be helpful. Be an athlete of good character with integrity.  Treat others with kindness and observe the “golden rule” of treating others as you would like to be treated.  Being part of a sisterhood includes positive self-talk, speaking kindly of others and not gossiping about others or the program.  Always strive for the best for yourself, your teammates, and the program.


Be committed to the program.  Attendance is mandatory at all practices, camps, and games (including the playoffs).


Cheer is a team sport.  Every voice is important in the cheers and every cheerleader plays an important role in the halftime routine—everyone is essential.  This is why all practices, camps, and games are mandatory. When one person is missing, the formation they are assigned to is incomplete.  The other members of that formation, who have trained, and show up, cannot perform their part of the routine.  It is unfair to those athletes when a teammate is absent.

Excellence--Make it stick! 

We strive to improve as cheerleaders every week and every season.


We strive to learn, grow, and evolve as cheerleaders every week and every season.  Through practice, hard work, and commitment, we can improve upon our skills during the season: knowledge of cheers, jumps, tumbling, stunts, and dance.  By showing characteristics of excellency, athletes will develop strong leadership skills and character.  Always go above and beyond.  Maintain a tidy appearance and dress uniformly as a squad on game day and practices.


To represent our program in the best light with the highest quality standards at Competitions.


Competition cheerleaders have a HIGHER level of commitment and are expected to fulfill their obligation to the competition team.   Competition team athletes are expected to have a drive to learn, be committed to the team, and have passion, discipline, and composure.  Attendance at all competitions is mandatory.  Once the regular season football schedule is set by GMSAA, the competition schedule can be finalized.


Together we will reach amazing heights!


An exceptional teammate is reliable, flexible, encouraging, and supportive to teammates.  To keep themselves and teammates safe, each cheerleader agrees to follow all safety rules for stunting and tumbling.  We observe and enforce the “no fault stunt” policy.  The no fault stunt policy means that we don’t blame teammates when something goes wrong.  We look for opportunities to provide positive feedback and help.  We emphasize that it takes a team working together to accomplish our goals.  We also believe that we learn from our mistakes.



The 2024 Handbook for Cambridge Junior Cheer includes the CJC Creed and the Requirements for Participation including mandatory attendance at practices, camps, summer choreography, and Saturday games; along with general appearance and behavior.   The full season schedule and fees are in the CJC Handbook.  All athletes and families review and accept these policies during registration and agree to adhere to them.  CJC follows a policy of conditioning, game benching, and removal from the squad for infractions of rules.


Last updated 2/29/2024

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