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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the tryout uniform? 

The tryout uniform consists of a white short sleeved tee shirt (not a tank), navy gym/running shorts (not nike pros or tight shorts), white no-show socks, white sneakers or cheer shoes, and hair in a high ponytail with a white bow.

When are tryouts?

Cambridge Junior Cheer has a tryout and evaluation process each spring for athletes interested in participation in the program.  At the tryout clinic, athletes learn two cheers and one dance.  The cheers, dance, standing and running tumbling, and jumps, are evaluated on tryout day.  Spirit and enthusiasm, attitude, and appearance are key components of CJC and are evaluated over the course of tryouts and last season's participation, if applicable.  Selections are made on a natural cut line, which is the natural point where scores drop off.  There is no set number of athletes that will be selected for squads, however, as numbers grow too large, we aren't always able to accommodate all interested athletes. 

Refer to important dates for the 2024 schedule.

Is there a separate tryout for the Competition Team?

There is not a separate tryout for athletes interested in the Competition Team--athletes may be asked to do some extra stunting for the evaluation and determination of stunt groups on tryout day.  Evaluation scoring determines the athletes invited to participate on the competition team with certain minimum standards required.

What kind of shoes are required? We may need to buy some sooner, is it possible to get the exact shoe?

Plain, white sideline cheer shoes are required (leather/vinyl) to participate on a squad. CJC will provide links to shoes for purchase.  Shoes range from $60-100. Athletes may reuse plain, white cheer shoes if in good, stain free condition. 

Recommended shoe: nfinity Evolution

Will we have the same uniforms as last year?

The 2024 Season begins a new 3-year uniform cycle.  All athletes will be required to purchase a new uniform.


Are there any tumbling requirements?

 Not necessarily!  We typically have all levels of tumbling on a team.  What an athlete may need development on in one area, they may make up for in another!  The Competition Team does have a higher skill level requirement, with tumbling being an important component.

What can I do to prepare for the season? 

The Cambridge Cheers can be found on our Youtube Channel:

How can I get more involved in the program? Are there volunteer opportunities?

When we all work together, no one job is overwhelming.  In fact, just like our kids, we've made lasting friendships working together in support of CJC.  We ask our families to volunteer with the program and there are lots of opportunities, including Powder Puff and the Middle School Homecoming Dance for all Cambridge High School-zoned middle schoolers, which is proudly brought to you by CJC.  There's also Team Parents, Committees, the End-of-Season Banquet, Picture Day, and other special events during the season, and the CJC Board.

What are the financial (estimates) cost per athlete? 

The following information is for the
2024 season for sideline squads. 

Tryout fee: $50

Program fee: $400

Annual Player Pack: $165

Cheer Shoes: $60-100

New Uniform: $475

Gym fees: $110 (+annual gym fee)

Detailed information is available in the handbook, downloadable on the Creed and Expectations page.

If you have any other questions please contact : 

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